1:1 Coaching

Personalized attention designed to support, develop, and uplift employees at every level.

Top Companies Trust Lumo

When you invest in coaching, you’re investing in your people.

Teams who have access to coaching are more engaged, more productive, and feel stronger loyalty to their workplace.

Why Coaching?

Professional coaching is a collaborative, one-on-one partnership, designed to unlock an individual’s potential and maximize their performance.

Working with a dedicated, experienced coach helps employees develop new skills, gain greater self-awareness, and increase their overall performance — all with the focus directly on their unique needs. Our coaches work with individuals to set goals, identify areas for improvement, and create actionable, achievable plans for the future.

1:1 Coaching Solutions

Our 1:1 coaching programs target three key categories of employees who can benefit most from individualized attention:

Parents & Caregivers As Leaders

Executives & Leadership

Women In The Workforce

Parents & Caregivers As Leaders

Step up for those who always step up for others. Professional coaching can help working parents and caregivers manage their time effectively, reduce stress, and balance their responsibilities.

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Executives & Leadership

For a strong, productive workforce, start at the top. Our LUMO Leaders equip high-level employees to manage more effectively, sharpen their skills, improve communication, and — perhaps most importantly — lead by example.

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Women In The Workforce

Even at the most progressive, inclusive companies, women often still face unique challenges, including gender bias, limiting mindsets, and lack of representation in leadership.

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Individualized coaching, large-scale results.

Organizational transformation starts at the employee level. We believe that when individuals are supported with an expert coach on a deep, personal level, their potential for growth — and your organization’s opportunities for success — can know no bounds.

And we believe it because we’ve seen it — over and over and over again.

Organizations that invest in 1:1 coaching for their employees see:

Improved employee performance and productivity

Enhanced communication and collaboration

Increased employee engagement, motivation, and job satisfaction

Better retention rates

Stronger and more diverse leadership pipeline

Deeper peer relationships and company loyalty

LUMO offers the highest level of personalized coaching you’ll find anywhere. Because your organization needs it —
and your employees deserve it.

Your organization has the
drive to succeed.

We have the resources to get you there.