Women’s Leadership

Support your existing leaders and develop a strong, diverse leadership pipeline for the future.

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Investing in your future leaders

We love to see the strides that have been made toward gender equality, especially in the workplace — but we’re nowhere near the finish line yet! Women still face numerous obstacles at their jobs, including gender bias, limited access to networks and mentorship, societal expectations, and even their expectations of themselves.


Women are 18% less likely to be promoted into early management positions.

Harvard University


Women only hold 38% of management positions.

Harvard University

We’re not shattering glass ceilings — we’re rebuilding the whole structure

LUMO 1:1 coaching helps female leaders navigate these hurdles through a combination of skills, tools, resources, and mindset shifts that will help them become more confident, competent, and equipped to conquer the challenges that come their way.

Women deserve more —
here’s what we offer them:


leadership skills

Our coaching helps women develop the leadership skills they need to succeed in their current roles and prepare them for future leadership positions within your organization.



Give your employees the tools and skills to listen better, give feedback, have hard conversations, and build relationships.



Coaching helps women leaders shift their mindsets to become more fulfilled in their roles in all aspects of life.



Together with their dedicated LUMO Leader, each employee will be able to set goals for themselves and create an action plan to bring them toward success.

Personalized leadership coaching —
by women, for women.

Our LUMO Leaders don’t just have the lived experiences of being women in the workplace — we are specifically trained in gender-specific professional coaching to help employees set relevant, realistic goals — and we have the tools, insight, and guidance to help them reach them.

It’s time to give our female leaders the edge they deserve.