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LUMO’s programs and coaching solutions are created by working parents, for working parents.

With a combined 50+ years of deep experience in employee retention, working parent development, and HR leadership, the LUMO team is uniquely qualified to help organizations retain talent and strengthen their workforce.

We’ve uncovered the secret to delivering strong business outcomes and employee fulfillment.
Turns out, it’s not so secret after all:

Supporting Your Employees
Isn’t Just Good To Do,
It’s Good For Business

Employee development training and coaching have been shown to have numerous benefits for organizations, including:


Transformed company culture

Higher retention rates

Increased productivity

Stronger employee engagement

Improved job satisfaction

The LUMO Difference:

LUMO Leaders

Otherwise known as employee retention experts, motivation mavericks, and company culture connoisseurs — we’re excited to help take your company’s employee development to the next level.

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LUMO’s Mission

We train, educate, and coach employees and managers to unlock the power of working parents and beyond, transforming company culture into one where everyone thrives.