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Parents &

Nurturing the nurturers to promote well-being and satisfaction — at home and at work.

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Giving working caregivers the tools they need to overcome the obstacles they face both at work and at home, and unlocks their ability, drive, and dedication to become better, more engaged employees.

Working parents and caregivers
face unique challenges.

Time and energy management

Planning for the future



Lack of confidence

But their inherent skills provide a wealth of opportunities for your organization.




I have battled with guilt and perfection over work and motherhood. LUMO has helped me change my lens and let go of some deep seated ideals of how a mom should operate.


Owner, Barrie Benson Interior Design
Charlotte, NC

Combat the Great Resignation
with even better parental support

Millions of employees have been leaving their jobs in recent years — and working parents are among those leading the charge. The pressures of balancing responsibilities both at home and at work can become too much to bear, and many employees are left feeling all alone as they struggle with time management, guilt, and the mental load of being “on” all the time.

Your caregiving employees have a lot to offer — here’s what we offer them:


Feeling more confident in their roles


Overcoming overwhelm and parental guilt

Mindset shifts

Eradicating limiting beliefs around roles and responsibilities


Feeling seen, heard, and supported during their most challenging experiences

Unprecedented support:

Getting comfortable in the driver’s seat of their own experiences

The ROI of investing in your employees with coaching looks like increased engagement

Inclusive, Customized Coaching

Our LUMO Leaders boast a combined 50+ years of coaching experience, with an emphasis on supporting employees through parenthood and helping companies retain top talent. Our inclusive and personalized coaching solutions allow organizations to better serve all their employees involved with caregiving at home.




Expecting parents

Adoptive parents

Foster parents

Caregivers of elders

Parents of children with disabilities


Single parents

Ready to give your working parents and caregivers the tailor-made support they need?