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Engage your top leaders at the deepest level.

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Teaching your top talent to not just talk

the talk, but walk the walk.


return on investment in coaching due to improved decision-making skills


Our LUMO Leaders eat, sleep, and breathe our company values — and now we’re here to teach your leaders to do the same. To exemplify your organization’s ethos, to have hard conversations with grace, and to prioritize well-being as the foundation of sustainable success.

No one knows the future — but LUMO Executive & Leadership Coaching prepares leaders for dealing with the unknown with confidence and power.

LUMO’s coaching is tailored to prepare leaders and executives for an evolving, dynamic workforce and workplace.

Invest In Their Success & Watch Your Organization Thrive

“The best professional decision
I’ve ever made.”

Rhea Greene, Managing Partner

You expect a lot from your leaders — here’s what they can expect from us

Tangible goals

Employees get present to their commitment, identify gaps in their skills, and develop individualized goals

Tactical tools and practices

We teach participants the concepts and provide the tools and practices to reinforce learnings and develop long-lasting skills

Autonomy & ownership

LUMO empowers employees to find purpose and satisfaction in their roles, increasing their dedication to their organizations

Increased trust & partnership

Participants will go deeper with their professional relationships and learn to develop deep levels of confidence in themselves and their teams

Immeasurable clarity

Participants experience more certainty around their commitments, awareness of their strengths and opportunities for growth, a new understanding of what is expected of them, and a drive to succeed

Ready to see the ROI of up-leveling your top leaders and executives?