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Scalable solutions to engage, retain, and nurture your workforce when employer support counts the most.

Top Companies Trust Lumo

We created LUMO to help
leading organizations:

Become a model for supporting working parents
Attract, retain, and develop top talent
Promote diversity and inclusion at every level
Improve productivity and engage their workforce
Transform company culture

How We Do It


Courses designed by our LUMO Leaders to shift mindsets and provide real-life tools to be more engaged, productive, and satisfied at home and at work.


Employees get personalized guidance from an expert trained to meet their needs, gaining transformational mindset shifts, tools, and tactics for taking ownership of their future.


Our solution fosters compassionate communication and deepened connections across teams for a purposeful, united workforce.

Our Impact


Proven Results

There’s a reason LUMO has a 91% client retention rate — our heart-led, experience-backed solutions are built to provide real, lasting results.



Boost Your Bottom Line

Companies that invest in employee training and development have 24% higher profit margins than those that don’t.



Retain Your Talent

93% of employees say they will stay longer at a company when that company invests in their career development.


Your path to better business outcomes begins with LUMO.

LUMO provides expert-created and curated programs customized to your organizational needs.

LUMO Programs

The Parental Leave Advantage

Parents & Caregivers As Leaders

Dare To Lead ™

Rising Women Leaders

1:1 Custom Coaching Solutions

The Parental Leave Advantage

Who’s it for: Employees preparing for parental leave & their managers

How it works: Our online program provides personal and professional development for expecting and new parents before parental leave, during their transition to parenthood, and upon their return to work. In tandem, we teach managers how to best support working parents and effect positive business outcomes, facilitating a smooth and productive return-to-work with actionable, long-term outcomes for the whole team.

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Parents & Caregivers As Leaders

Who it’s for: Any employee who identifies as a caregiver, including parents, grandparents, guardians, caretakers for elderly relatives, and beyond

How it works: Our yearlong course provides monthly training sessions with a certified LUMO Leader, as well as a supportive community of fellow caregivers to share advice via monthly calls, online chats, and lifelong camaraderie.

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Dare To Lead ™

Who it’s for: Rising talent and employees on the leadership track

How it works: Centered around Dr. Brené Brown’s groundbreaking research, we teach employees how to define their call to courage as a leader, embrace their vulnerability, and have hard conversations with grace.

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Rising Women Leaders

Who it’s for: Women currently in leadership roles and those on the leadership track

How it works: This is a foundational training critical for developing talent, focusing on the pain points women experience most as they grow in their careers.

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1:1 Custom Coaching Solutions

Looking for something more personalized to level-up your executives or address a specific pain point within your organization? We offer individualized coaching plans with a dedicated LUMO Leader for a variety of business objectives, including solutions for: 

  • Parents & Caregivers
  • Executives & Leadership
  • Women Leaders
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Making work-work
— for everyone.

Having worked with hundreds of parents, expecting parents, and generally underserved employees in the workforce, our LUMO Leaders have a high-level understanding of what drives both employees and employers toward professional and personal success. In our decades of experience, we’ve uncovered how to synthesize business goals with individual needs so that everyone, at every level, can thrive.