The Parental Leave
For Employees & Managers

Preparing expecting parents for the transformation to come, helping managers carry on in their absence, and facilitating a positive reintegration for everyone involved.

Top Companies Trust Lumo

The program to prepare employees and managers for parental leave — and come back stronger than ever

Tools, Training & Mindset Shifts

This 10-month online program enables employees and their managers to handle the transition from “working professional” to “working parent” throughout parental leave and beyond.

Managers learn to effectively lead expecting parents through this transition — and support their whole team through the process.

Parent employees return more committed, confident, and eager to achieve success both at home and at work.

Company culture becomes more collaborative, engaging, and rewarding for all.

The Invaluable ROI Of Investing In Your
Working Parents

Improve Retention

Strengthen Productivity

Increase Engagement

Attract Top Talent

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Transform Your Culture

The best leaders today are caregivers, and yet we’re losing our best leaders to caregiving.

Shelley Zails

Program components include:

3 modules aligning with the parental leave journey (preparing for leave, on leave, return to work)

24 online lessons and 74 downloadable worksheets, tools, and trackers

Content delivered via video, audio, and text to accommodate for various learning styles

Online, coach-moderated community and 1-on-1 parental support (optional)

Live weekly group coaching calls (optional)

10 months of transformative training and education, three key modules:

Preparing For Leave

We provide tools and lessons to ensure a seamless and productive transition to parental leave for employees, managers, and the whole team. Ensure your workforce is prepared to meet this pivotal time with trust, confidence, and competence.

During Leave

While away from work, employees receive crucial emotional and well-being support, ensuring they are making the most of their time away and becoming fully prepared to return to work.

Returning To Work

An employee’s return from parental leave is often chaotic for everyone involved, but with LUMO, both employees and their managers are equipped for a smooth re-integration that leaves the entire team better than where they started.

Ready to learn how LUMO makes the transition to working parenthood work?

“I loved LUMO’s multifaceted approach – through managers, employees, and connection with peer groups. They know where people are in their journey and the mental health aspect is life-changing.”