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Parents & Caregivers Are Your Organization’s Mine Of Untapped Leadership Potential

Parents and caregivers inherently possess a variety of skills and experiences that can be invaluable in the workplace — let LUMO help you uncover them.

Time and energy management





Emotional intelligence

Burnout isn’t just real — it’s a real threat to organizations.

As many as 66% of working parents report being burned out, according to a study by Ohio State University.

Burnout doesn’t just mean your employees are tired. Burnout can reduce productivity, tank morale, and increase turnover. And when your leaders are burnt out due to pressures at home and at work, it can affect every level of your organization from the top down.

That’s why we’ve created a caregiver program that doesn’t just equip employees to be stronger leaders — we give them a community to lean on for support as they learn.

A Yearlong Program,
A Lifelong Community

This leadership program is designed specifically for those who care for others — addressing common pain points only caregivers can truly understand, and offering solutions that make stronger leaders. This program offers monthly training, group coaching, and an online community for support, resources, and networking. Employees will learn they’re not alone as they gain valuable tools, skills, and new ways of thinking to carry them through this stage of their personal and professional development.

About Our Team

We don’t just hire coaches — we’ve formed a collective of
trusted LUMO Leaders who:

Come from successful careers in business, HR, counseling, finance

Trained as professional leadership coaches

Have hundreds of hours of coaching experience

Went through extensive vetting to ensure top quality

Are certified through the International Coach Federation

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