Rising Women

Skills, tools, and mindset shifts for women at every career stage

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LUMO’s Rising Women Leaders Program addresses leadership fundamentals while exploring what it means to lead as a woman in an evolving, hybrid, multigenerational workplace.

From day one of the program, women gain practical knowledge that can be applied to their careers and lives — immediately. We address the whole individual, ensuring these leaders develop themselves personally so they can thrive, grow, and ultimately, win at work.

After working with thousands of women, we found there are common themes in the areas where they need support — more than their male counterparts. We built this program to help women create the foundation for their growth and development. Like a house, a strong foundation will help as they continue to grow personally and professionally.”

Elena Arecco Bridgmon

Cofounder & CAO

Rising Women Leaders

Our program helps women push past the beliefs that are holding them back and break through to a new understanding of their work, their leadership calling, and themselves.

Keys To The Corner Office: Well-Being & Energy Management

Ownership: Taking Responsibility For Gaps & Gifts

Leadership & Values In Action

Overcoming Mindset Traps

Building & Leveraging Strong Relationships


Releasing Perfectionism, Comparison, & Imposter Syndrome

Building Better Boundaries

Resilience & Falling Forward

Time & Overwhelm Management

Telling Your Success Story

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we uplift women leaders

Increased D&I

Investing in women’s leadership development promotes gender equity and helps companies create a more diverse and inclusive workplace

Improved talent retention

Providing leadership development opportunities for women can help retain talented employees and reduce turnover

Stronger leaders

Developing leadership skills among women can help them become more effective leaders, which can lead to better decision-making, increased collaboration, and improved team performance

Connected company culture

Supporting women in your workforce leads to improved employee morale, productivity, and innovation across the organization

Enhanced bottom line

Companies with more women in leadership positions have been shown to outperform their peers on key business metrics, such as profitability, return on investment, and customer satisfaction

Program components

Rising Women Leaders
Training Modules

Workbook-accompanied modules teaching how to shift limiting mindsets, develop strategies that address patterns and blocks, and create sustainable practices that help leadership growth

Monthly Cohort
Coaching Sessions

Promotes further exploration and integration of the programming presented during trainings

Q&A portion providing cohort collaboration and LUMO Leader support

Participants walk away with a renewed sense of commitment to their roles and greater satisfaction as leaders

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