My Mama Said . . .

By: Luscious Mother

- Publish On: September 3, 2021

Mama, it’s us. The women of LUMO, coming to share wisdom and maternally-fueled career and leadership goodness.

Last week we posed the question:

What did you learn about work from motherhood?

This week’s answers are FIRE.

LUMO Coach Jayme said: Motherhood taught me to set my priorities in alignment with my values.

Before, it was all about what others needed from me, or what the industry said I should be doing, or what external timelines proclaimed. When I realized that my dreams were straining my relationship with my daughter and overtaxing my support system, I had to reevaluate this thing I thought I wanted. I found that I didn’t even really want much of the crap I was hustling for. It’s still a work in progress, but I now have a more grounded place to choose from and a healthier gauge for when I’m doin’ too much.

Our Chief Administrative Officer, Elena, shared: Being a mother taught me how to be OK with unpredictability…and also, I learned that things don’t always happen on my timeline.

I truly could not control every aspect of how life played out; from the location of my daughter’s birth, to what I wanted to wear to work (it turns out that massive spit ups while you’re walking out the door are a thing!) Also, no matter how much I plan or how hard I work, my kids are always going to be unpredictable – they are small humans, after all. This has helped me to be a more empathetic and compassionate leader at work.

From LUMO Coach, Jenn: For me becoming a mother was a different experience as I didn’t walk out of the hospital with my baby, Liam.

Liam was stillborn at 38 weeks. After working through the grief, sadness, and terrible loss of all the dreams and memories I did not have the chance to create, the lessons I receive from his brief 9 months with me as his mom are countless:

  • Take care of yourself first. Ask for what you need.

  • Have compassion and empathy for everyone as we don’t know what people are facing each day.

  • Use all your vacation time – it is the play/recess part of your compensation. T

  • ake time to be in authentic relationships with your co-workers and know them each personally.

  • Get supported every day. Work to play, and play to live.

These responses blew our hair back. We are so grateful to have a compassionate, generous and POWERFUL team to share their experiences.

Maternally fueled,

The Luscious Mother LUMO Team

Luscious Mother

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