Sisterhood of Sweat

By: LUMO Leaders

- Publish On: September 15, 2021

Are you interested in building your business? Have you been struggling to find a community? Today, we’re getting outside the box and discussing all things motherhood, sisterhood, and connection. In this episode, I talk with Sarah Olin and Anna Conathan, the founders of LUMO. In case you don’t know, LUMO is a collective of certified life and leadership coaches and trainers: run by mothers, for mothers. We discuss burnout, balance, and connecting with other women as well.

LUMO Leaders

LUMO is full of the most passionate people in the parental leave movement. We believe developing a company's most important asset – its people — is key to unlocking success. And you know what? We’ve learned this because we’ve lived it. With a combined 50-plus years of expert experience in employee retention, working parent development, and DEI training, our collective of LUMO Leaders have the tools, insight, and fervor for helping organizations cultivate inclusive culture.

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