Emily is an executive coach, mother, and advocate for others who live life out loud. For the last 20 years, she has worked to support others in achieving their goals — first as a social worker, and now as a coach.

Emily has partnered with many women through transitions in their lives via facilitated groups as well as one-on-one advocacy work. As a consultant training domestic violence advocates, Emily supported leaders in non-profit organizations with program implementation, staff development, and training. During her time teaching Masters-level social work courses, she worked with students to complete coursework and assisted in their professional development. Emily loves to work with people who want to get up to big things in both their personal and professional lives. She works with parents and individuals curious about reconnecting to themselves, and supports them in leveraging their brilliance to create the personal and professional lives they desire.

Emily is a coach who brings her experience, heart, authenticity, and wisdom to every client she works with. She has a passion for supporting other mothers through a journey of discovery that helps them realize what they want out of life — for themselves and the people around them — and how to make it possible. Coaching with Emily is both a warm hug and a clear call to action in the lives of her clients.

Emily lives in St. Louis, Missouri, with her husband Patrick, their three kids Liam, Kate, and Molly, and their dog Ginger. In her free time, you can find her cheering for her kids on the sidelines, walking in the park, laughing with friends, or cozied up with a good book.