Malcolm White is a professionally trained leadership coach known for fostering safe spaces to create connection with other men. He coaches with heart-centered honesty, openness, and a touch of quirky humor. Malcolm models vulnerability with his clients in service of building trust and allowing each person to be seen. There is a compassionate rhythm to his leadership that serves his clients to clearly discover their mission and take decisive action.

Malcolm is strongly family-oriented and values-driven. A father of two young children, he has worked with fathers in positions of authority such as doctors, business owners, creatives, and consultants. He enjoys helping them to extend their values into their work and live authentically, both at home and in the office. With 15 years of experience in mental healthcare and nonprofit work, Malcolm is well-versed in bringing hope, stability, and reassurance into the lives of people in need. The delight of coaching for him is catalyzing powerful people to generate even greater good that benefits everyone.