Meghan has been coaching professionally since 2018, after her own coaching journey supported her to leave an unsatisfying legal career.

Having landed what she thought was to be a dream job in a dream career, Meghan found herself overworked, burnt out, and resentful. Coaching helped her to understand her value, get clear on her purpose and vision, and find the courage to create a life she loved.

Meghan now supports high-achieving, driven women to navigate their careers and families in a way that is fulfilling and satisfying. She has found that many women struggle to meet the demands of their professional lives while also trying to be the mother they long to be. After working with Meghan, women understand that meeting their own needs is the foundation upon which a thriving career is built. Coaching gives them the tools they need to execute.

Meghan is a brilliant woman and highly trained coach. Her legal education serves her clients, in that she is able to connect with leaders operating in high-profile positions. She knows what it’s like to feel the pressure of performance, and she brings understanding and compassion to her clients through their shared experience. Meghan’s years of coach training allow her to bring heart, intuition, curiosity, and wisdom to her role as well. This powerful combination of head and heart is the superpower Meghan brings to the table, and her clients thrive as a result.