By: Luscious Mother

- Publish On: March 18, 2020

Hello, Luscious.

It’s a hell of a time to be a mother. Let’s face it, it’s a hell of a time to be a human. Coronavirus is impacting everyone and everything. It’s gone from “this is weird” to “this is bad” to “this is really happening!” We now have a full-blown pandemic with schools closing all over the country and families retreating to their homes in the hope that we can quell the rising tide that may be too much for our immune and medical systems.

It’s scary. Legitimately. And now, as I look back on my concerns of the past few weeks they seem like a weird fever dream that happened in an alternate reality to a totally different sister. Before Covid-19 made landfall in America I was wrangling some complex thoughts and feelings. A few weeks ago I finished reading a “tell all” book about my spiritual teacher of the last 19 years which exposed him as a manipulative and potentially abusive person who took advantage of those who trusted and revered him. In that same time frame, my mother was having some big changes. An unexpected $20k tax bill arrived, just as I had been celebrating myself for being a financial baller because I paid off Matt’s car. And then we discovered we needed to drop another $5k into our vehicles. While all this stuff was swirling, I was traveling hither and yon to London, to DC, to California… you know, doing my unconscious best to become Charlotte’s “Patient Zero”.

It’s so strange to look in the rearview mirror and consider the choices and experiences I made in the recent past as they fade away. Happily, I made a few choices that still feel like they were 100% right even in a mad, mad Corona world:

After seven amazing years of unparalleled growth and rigorous training serving as a leadership coach with Accomplishment Coaching, I have decided it’s time to go all in with Luscious Mother and take her to the next level.

Because I know from personal experience that mothers who work together raise the “luscious quotient” exponentially, I decided to take on a partner. About a year ago I asked my best pal and soul sister to join me. Her name is Anna Conathan and she is the smartest, funniest, most creative human I know. A gifted professional writer and performer with empathy and authenticity to spare, Anna demonstrated a natural kinship with the spirit of Luscious Mother and has been helping to provide the company’s voice for the past three years; ever since Anna herself got “luscious” at the inaugural Luscious Mother retreat. If you ask Anna how we met, she’ll tell you she picked me up in a bar in Rhode Island in the early 2000s. Which is not entirely untrue.

(Okay. It’s true.)

Needless to say, we’ve been up to some stuff, heating up our kernels of goodness on the stovetop and, mamas, they’re ready to pop! Truth be told, we had scheduled for our sexy/salty kernels to pop in tandem with our “Luscious Mother’s Endless Mother’s Day Retreat” in mid-May which, and you are likely UN-surprised to hear that it is being postponed. (Best laid plans and all that.) Luckily we’re adaptable and resilient AF. Anna and I were literally trained for this quarantine life.

Over the past six days we’ve been doubling-down on self-care; reading, meditating, yoga, getting out into the woods, down to the beach, and connecting with our Luscious Sisterhood: a group of six badass beauties who you will soon get to meet. In this period of respite we’ve decided we need to launch. Right now. We didn’t think we were ready, but were you ready to be home with your stir-crazy offspring apparently until the end of time?

The reality is that we need each other now more than ever, so we’re willing to put ourselves up there and fire up our engines in public if you’re willing to roll with our wrinkles. It ain’t gonna be sexy. Or glossy. Production value will be low. We’re young, scrappy and hungry (okay, not so young but SO scrappy and ALWAYS hungry) and we think it’s important to show up for mothers now, while they’re in captivity with their families, while they’re creating a new, hopefully temporary, normal. They don’t need special effects and smoke machines. They need support. Authenticity. A place to go to be heard, to be seen, to hear the stories of other mothers, to feel sane. To not be alone. Because, let’s be real, even if you’re shoe-horned into a 900 square-foot studio with your partner and children, it is STILL possible to feel lonely.

So here we are. Coming at ya live in the time of Corona. Keep an eye on our social media accounts (Here are the links to our website, insta handle, and FB) to see what we’re up to and hop in when you can. In the coming days and weeks Luscious Mother will be offering different ways to come together and connect with other like-minded, like-hearted luscious mothers. This week, on Friday, March 20 @ 3:30pm, Sarah and Anna will be hosting our first free community coaching call. We’ll gather, get grounded and support each other. Come to be heard, to be seen, to laugh, to connect, to preserve your sanity and, potentially, hide from your family in the bathroom.

We’re here for you. Lord knows, we ain’t going anywhere.
Click here to join.

From our quarantine quarters to yours,
Sarah & Anna

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Luscious Mother

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