Blown Away by the Buffet

By: Luscious Mother

- Publish On: June 25, 2021

Anna here. How’s your re-entry to society going?

As a naturally social being, I always thought that so much of my creative thinking grew out of talking with strangers, meeting new people, just being in their energy field. But somehow I survived 15 months of relatively little direct human contact outside of my chosen Pod People. And now, where I used to like bunches of people all at once, I’m finding myself a lot more eager to connect with one or two people at a time. And then having a quiet rest.

I went to a family party last weekend with about 20 adults, lots of kids, playful dogs, one very daring cat, and all the cross-talk, the energy, the noise… it was A LOT. Super fun for about the first hour, then less fun every half hour after that. I turned to my cousin, a surgeon, dad, and long distance runner who is committed to his alone time, and said, “I am so overstimulated right now. I think I just hit a social wall.” He laughed and said, “Funny, I thought that only happened to me.”

If it’s happening to you, mama, you’re not the only one; Dr. Dave and I are with you!

It’s like bellying up to the buffet at a fancy event and seeing the full spread but just being completely overwhelmed by the possibilities. This happens every time to my husband, Mike—he of the irritatingly miraculous metabolism that lets him scarf down ice cream and cookies or crack a fresh beer at 10pm and never gain a friggin’ ounce. He takes one look at all the options piled on the table, and just like that… no longer hungry. Gastronomic stage fright.

As the world opens back up and vaccines course through the veins of about two-thirds of our American friends and neighbors, our social buffet is open for business. The table overrunneth with a cornucopia of activities and parties and concerts and playdates and reunions and and and… And it’s summer–which comes with its own special challenges and expectations.

AND I just wanted to take a quick minute to remind you that just because you have options doesn’t mean you must accept all or any of them. The lazy susan of social interaction is spinning like crazy right now, and you are fully within your rights to consume in your preferred style, even if it’s still take-out for one. AND AND AND: It is okay if your tastes have changed. You should see people laugh when I tell them I think I’m an introvert now.

There is opportunity in our emergence from this crisis, and this fresh social buffet is a unique and spectacular chance to re-develop your social palate however you and your Pod People want it to go.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • What are the things/experiences you want to get filled up on first?

  • What is the most delicious use of your time and energy?

  • What are the empty calories? (As they used to ask at Weight Watchers, “is it worth the points?)

  • What did you discover you have an aversion to?

  • What have you missed?

  • What can you live without?

Need some tips to get your thinking straight? We’ve got you, mama. Start here with our Slammin’ Summer Planner. Part writing exercise, part organizational tool, this Luscious planner will help you envision and create your re-entry, ditch what hasn’t been a source of joy, and blaze a trail through whatever feels right for you to create the summer of your dreams!

How are you handling re-entry? What’s on your Luscious summer buffet?

All our Luscious love,

Anna & Sarah

Luscious Mother

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