Cory Daise
Cory Daise is a life and leadership coach who specializes in working with entrepreneurs, leaders, and change agents — those who are driven to create a more just world and looking to find joy in their process.
Cory supports leaders in walking in their purpose and in their power to generate what they truly desire. Cory coaches in the areas of leadership development, mindset, team culture building, and inter/intrapersonal relationships. With a foundation in ontological training from Accomplishment Coaching, he starts by shifting the focus from what we are doing to how we are being. Cory works with clients to co-create action-based initiatives, working as a partner in accountability and helping individuals see what could be possible if they get out of their own way. Cory believes true leadership is not measured by titles or accomplishments alone, but by the effect one can have on others. Cory is a proud father who is driven by the values of love and valor. Service to the community is paramount to him, and he is a board member, mentor, and events director of the 100 Black Men of Greater Washington. In addition to his professional coaching practice, Cory also is a high school football coach and a volunteer with the Boys and Girls Club youth team.

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