Hillary Hittner, ACCC, PCC
Hillary is a certified professional coach who partners with leaders and companies to support them through organizational and individual growth, with a particular focus on coaching through an anti-racist framework.
Trained through Accomplishment Coaching, an International Coach Federation accredited training program, Hillary is known for her willingness to sit with the discomfort and see what’s on the other side. With a commitment to authenticity and curiosity, Hillary creates and holds spaces for people to build deep self-awareness and find the courage to create the life, work, and relationships they want. Working with organizations, Hillary helps identify what’s happening under the surface and builds trust and accountability to make their vision a reality. She invites teams into a new conversation, where they can let go of old winning strategies and co-create new ones. Her background spans the corporate, freelance, and nonprofit worlds — and with over a decade of experience as a theater director, producer, and DONA-trained doula, Hillary infuses every conversation with a distinct combination of creativity, sensitivity, and fearlessness. She is dedicated to anti-racism work and breaking down barriers to justice, equity, and inclusion. Hillary is based in New York and works with clients all over the globe.

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