Pat Reddin, MBA, PCC
Pat coaches high-performing professionals who are motivated, open to new ideas, and flat-out committed to creating what they want.
Pat has years of experience leading teams and brands, as well as a company in New York City and a family of five. She deeply understands the challenges of being a leader — be it professionally, as a parent, as a partner, or as a leader in her own life. Pat works jointly with teams to build trust and partnership so they can get the results they’re after. On a one-on-one level, Pat works with individuals to navigate life shifts, including career, divorce, empty nests, and second acts. Known for her relaxed, compassionate coaching style, she collaborates with her clients to distinguish what’s important to them and create intentional results driven from values and purpose. Credentialed by the International Coach Federation and certified by Accomplishment Coaching, Pat is relentless about possibility and motivated for others to know the deep level of growth, awareness, and personal transformation she has found in her own life. Pat is a Charlotte-based New Yorker by heart, and works with clients throughout the U.S.

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