By: Luscious Mother

- Publish On: August 19, 2020

Hello Wednesday,

It’s the Original Blend, Sarah Olin, bringing you your weekly blog love while Anna is on a remote beach in MA. I am just back from my own restorative getaway and am READY TO PARTY. So many mamas to coach and empower, so little time.

Last week I had a VERY LUSCIOUS vacation in the mountains. On a lake, which I jumped in every day. And never knew what time it was – BECAUSE IT DIDN’T MATTER, Y’ALL!! VACAY LIFE!

While at the lake, we got the FANTASTIC news about Joe Biden’s VP pick, Kamala Harris.

Fashion on point for Pride! Love, love, love! 

I’m over-the-moon for Joe, the Democratic party and every woman in this country. A historic moment, indeed. I started seeing social media posts and articles pop up left and right about Kamala. And I noticed something . . . 

There was a lot of focus on her shortcomings.

I’m not talking about the jabs from Trump or other political foes – those are a given. But even her champions were quick to point out what wasn’t great about her. There were a lot of qualifiers — “I love her, but, she said this or did that . . . “

My experience is that there is A LOT of focus on the “buts” and less focus on WHAT’S GREAT. And it got me thinking – this is how we are trained. This is what we are taught. To look for what’s wrong, to look for what isn’t working. And it bummed me out.

Anna says that our brains are like Teflon for the good stuff and velcro for the bad. I understand that. I even understand why. But I can tell you this –


Looking for problems like it’s your job is not Luscious. Looking for what’s wrong all the time is going to get you a lot of WHAT’S WRONG.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t look at gaps and hold people accountable. But what we focus on consistently matters. It has an impact on our mood, our families and ultimately our quality of life.

What are you focusing on these days, mama? 
Lasering in on lusciousness,

Sarah (& Anna)

Luscious Mother

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