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By: LUMO Leaders

- Publish On: April 21, 2022

Hello friends, mothers and others, 

How does it go with you and goals?

A few weeks ago, Hillary wrote a mind-blowing newsletter about how making declarations helps us create accountability to reach our goals. Her words really motivated me to make some declarations of my own and guess who is running the NYC Marathon with Hillary? This girl! 

Once I set my goal and made the declaration, I started to think about what might get in the way of reaching said goal. ME! I’m what might get in the way because sometimes when I set a goal and I suffer a setback, I give up. “Oh, that wasn’t for me anyway. Maybe next time.” Or I think, “Ah, I really didn’t want that in the first place.”  

I know I’m not alone because I see this with my clients too. They get so close to their goal that they can taste it and then – boom – they hit a roadblock (real or imagined) and give up.

What’s the antidote?

Get supported!

I know, and so do my LUMO sisters, that support is the key to creating just about everything we want for our lives. We also know that as a team, getting a ton of support is necessary if we want to meet the big, luscious goal we’ve set of healing the world by healing parents.  Yeah! It’s a doozy and we intend to meet it by working to change the culture for parents in the workplace. 

Individually and collectively, the six founding members of LUMO are always looking at where we need support and helping each other to get it. We each have our own coach and are invested in continuing to develop our leadership goals.

Right now, the team is working on our money mindset. We are doing a 12-week program with a money coach that is helping to shake up our beliefs as well as helping us put structures into place to embody, empower and ultimately reach our audacious goals.  

The foundation of this program is Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich.” For me personally, the stories in this book are “flipping the switch” on how I think about money – and really anything that I truly want to create in my life

I want to share the story “Three Feet from Gold” from the book because it really blew my mind and illustrates what comes next after we make a declaration.  

The story is about a young man who was mining for gold during the early days of the gold rush. He was totally committed and gave it his all. He made some bold declarations (back to Hillary’s newsletter) and was super determined. He raised money for equipment from family and friends and he put in the hard work.

But he experienced some setbacks and as the days went on he grew increasingly frustrated. Eventually, he threw in the towel, decided being a miner wasn’t for him and sold his gear to a local “Junk Man.”

And, guess who eventually hit gold? The Junk Man!

Here’s why. The Junk Man did one thing differently from the miner. He got supported. He sought wise counsel which left him feeling really encouraged. He asked for direction on how to go about the dig. 

Get this…when he hit the gold he was just THREE FEET from where the miner threw in the towel. THREE FEET. Imagine how the story would have ended if the miner had simply reached out in that moment when he felt like giving up?

Do you see anything in this story for yourself? I definitely will be thinking of this story as I move forward and work to bring my declarations to life. And, I am committed to getting a ton of support. 

If you’re up to something big and you feel like it’s getting hard or uncomfortable, ask yourself what you need to keep going. Reach out to us. We’d love to help you get the thing you want for your life.  

With love,

Elena & the LUMO team

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