By: Luscious Mother

- Publish On: August 26, 2020


Hello, Luscious mamas.

A couple years ago while clothes shopping with my son I happened upon a pair of adorable sunglasses in the checkout line. Heart-shaped and framed in gold, these cuties grabbed my attention. In an instant I was transported back to my childhood wherein my BFF, India Rose DelRossi, had a similar pair with blue-tinted lenses. A wave of warm fuzzies washed over me, and before I knew what was what, I bought them!

When my son rolled up to the register he picked the frames up off the counter and queried, “Who are those for?”

“For me,” I said.

He scoffed.

“No, really. Are those for one of the cousins?”

He didn’t believe I’d actually wear them but, sisters, let me tell you, I slipped those babies on and rocked them right out of Old Navy, and the effects were immediate. I felt joyful. Snazzy. Young, frivolous and loving.

“Actually,” he told me, “they look really good on you.”

That was all I needed to hear. From that moment they were my accessory of choice, just waiting in my bag for a little sunshine to be called out and put to work. I never would’ve suspected that they would make so many passersby smile. They’re as appealing to 80 year-olds as they are to 8 year-olds. Why? Because we love LOVE! It’s nice to be reminded that it’s there. That it’s always available. And it doesn’t have to be complicated.

While we’ve been riding out the uncertain waves of our current social distancing situation, I have become detached from the magic of my glasses—distracted by my ongoing battle with battening down my extroverted personality when I do infrequently go out into the fray so as not to scare and confront the others. But in doing so, I had been slowly withdrawing into myself. Letting the mask take over. Letting the fear take over.

But one recent day, when I was walking across a parking lot wearing my mask and my glasses, feeling totally obscured and invisible, a woman “smized” at me over her mask and said, “I just love those glasses!” I had completely forgotten they were heart-shaped. That my eyes were beacons of love. I had lost my connection with my talisman of joy. It was like she had plugged my heart-light back in and reset my purpose.

And just like that, my lens changed again. I was no longer living inside a drab dystopian drama gloved and masked with sadness, but a brighter, lighter romance where the human spirit rises above the fog of doubt and the camera cranes up to a sunny and clear horizon of possibility.

These glasses have always had a magical power all their own. They create connection. They allow people to know that there is love under my mask that mirrors the love under theirs. Am I over-selling it? No. Nope. I don’t think I am.

We see what we are capable of seeing. We have a hand in our own realities. We are creator-beings who have far more power than we give ourselves credit for. With a simple act, a simple belief, a simple and inexpensive accessory, we can change our perspective. And our shift can create shifts for others. Before we know it, we’re ALL looking through the lens of love. And, Luscious sisters, that’s where the big, sexy, audacious transformations happen.

What’s something you’ve chosen in your life that’s made a big difference for you, or helped you shift your perspective? What kind of lens are your currently shooting the movie of your life through? Which Stephen are you tilting towards, Spielberg or King? Message us. Luscious minds want to know.

And in the meantime, I’ll be shopping for my next accessory of inspiration: rainbow suspenders or a cape?

Stay Luscious, Mamas!

Anna & Sarah

Luscious Mother

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