Celebrating Lusciousness: Luscious Mother Joins 40×40 Initiative

By: Luscious Mother

- Publish On: August 6, 2021

Have you seen the 40×40 initiative? We know what kind of magic happens when women come together to support each other and this takes it to a whole new level. Launched by the Archewell Foundation in honor of Meghan Markle’s 40th birthday, the 40×40 initiative asks mentors of all kinds to pledge 40 minutes of mentorship time to women re-entering the workforce after the pandemic. Considering the Covid-19 childcare crisis forced nearly 2 million U.S. women out of the workforce over the past year and a half, we’d say that Meghan has impeccable timing (and taste…but that’s a story for another time.) The 40×40 initiative has already attracted the likes of Hillary Clinton, Stacey Abrams, and Katie Couric and it’s just getting started. 

Before we get to how the Luscious Mother team will be using our unique gifts to mentor mothers returning to the workforce, we want to first remind you and mothers everywhere — and the people with the power to employ them — that mothers have not spent the past 18 months languishing, but leveling up. 

Moms were already creative and resourceful Chief Everything Officers before the Covid-19 pandemic and their management and organizational skills only got stronger during their time away from an office environment. Here are just a handful of the skills moms were cultivating while they led their families through the pandemic: 

Improvisation, innovation, creativity, emotional intelligence, resilience, intergenerational communications, tech literacy, super-human levels of multitasking heretofore unseen in the history of civilized society, trauma processing, fundraising… even choreography! (TikTok, right?)

There is NOTHING mothers didn’t do during Covid. They breastfed on Zoom, while turning pages in a picture book for their toddler, while keeping an eye on their phone timer to make sure they don’t burn dinner, while awaiting results from their partner’s Covid test, all the while advance disaster planning for how they will reconfigure the flow and function of their home if they need to create a quarantine situation, should their partner’s results come back positive. 

Mama, you need to recognize the new skills you developed over the past 18 months and put them on your resume with confidence and pride. And then ask your bestie to read it. We all know moms aren’t always the best at naming their most impactful skills and contributions in writing. Get supported in taking a full 360 look at your skill sets, including those that you developed at home juggling childcare and homeschool, budget tightening, multi-tasking, and remote EVERYTHING. And consider paying it forward and doing the same for another mother.

You have MAD skills, and you may need help seeing them. That’s where our team of highly trained life and leadership coaches comes in.

There’s A LOT a Luscious Mother coach can help you accomplish in 40 minutes:

  • Ask clarifying questions to help you figure out what you want and what’s in the way

  • Help you determine your conditions for satisfaction (what are your non-negotiables and where are you willing to be flexible?)

  • Illuminate your superpowers so you see everything you have to offer


Humbleness is so pre-pandemic. It’s time to own your luscious power.

In honor of Meghan Markle’s lusciousness, we’re giving away 40 40-minute coaching sessions to women who need support returning to the workplace. 

If you’d like the chance to be mentored by a Luscious Mother coach, please comment on this post on the @LM Instagram feed. We’ll choose 40 women from these comments.


Luscious Mother

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