By: Luscious Mother

- Publish On: May 13, 2020

Hello, Wednesday!

Sarah here. This week I’m thinking a lot about the dance that has been my life. Ecstatic, bouncy, Molly Ringwald in the “Breakfast Club” grooves; sweetly swaying slow dances with my head resting on the chest of someone who smells fantastic; and jarring mosh pits of indecision and fear.

I know A LOT of dance moves, my friends, and they have all served me well, but none more so than the pivot. You know it. It’s sort of a swivel of the hips that gets you from here to there when you need to change directions. And have I changed directions? Oh, girl, you bet. Swivels for days.

As a junior in college I was getting my collegiate funk on, when I had a near-death experience: I got a C. In German. Ja, du hast mich verstanden. (Yes, you heard me.) Well, there was NO way I was going to allow the third letter of the alphabet to secure a spot on my pristine dance card. Academically, this girl only dances with As. Then I heard about a study abroad program promising academic experience, coupled with international travel that would put a shine on my GPA, and my hips began to wiggle. I had never been out of the country – I had never even been on an airplane – but within months I was living and studying in London. I got it in my head and made it happen.

Voila, the swivel!

The swivel served me again in my twenties. I was single and mingling in New York City, doing the Manhattan hustle, slinging cocktails behind a bar to support my new passion: Kundalini yoga and meditation training. Sick of the city, of my own drama and my decidedly un-groovy love life, I longed for a chance to study and integrate yoga and meditation into my life. To stand apart from the bustle and get quiet. I was thinking hard on leaving New York when an opportunity to train in India for a month bowed before me. I smiled, curtsied, and shuffled off to India. And that major “ball change” opened up magical possibilities I never would have imagined, possibilities I was able to live without even moving out of New York.

I’ve noticed during the dances of my life, when I go against the status quo or move to a beat others can’t hear, there is often a bit of pushback. Unsolicited instruction on my “spaghetti arms.”

“No, THIS is how the dance goes, Sarah.”

Only, that’s not my dance. That’s how their dance goes. My dance is sometimes fast and frenetic, sometimes languid and smooth. Sometimes I’m barely moving but for the slight swagger in my hips. But it’s my dance, and it doesn’t ever need to look like anyone else’s. As long as I am dancing cheek-to-cheek with my inner-knowing, baby, it’s all good. My heart, hips and feet are connected and they know all the right moves. No one’s going to put this baby in the corner.

Today, as I write this letter to you, I am in the midst of my latest major pivot. I’m applying for a grant from The Wealth Edit called the Pivot Fund. This group of powerful women entrepreneurs have united forces and funds in service of lifting up another female business owner so that she may thrive during this precarious time.

As regular LM devotees have already noticed, we are dramatically up-tempo-ing Luscious Mother. She needs a larger platform and I have so much in mind – coaching, retreats, an online community, a book, training programs and forums, a foundation to provide radical support for mothers who are more than an arm’s reach from Luscious – and no matter how much the rhythm of it pulls me, I know this is not a solo performance. There is so much to do! And I want to usher in that change with a kickline that would make the Rockettes’ tongues loll. So, I found a Luscious partner, keen on interpretive dance and shaking her booty. Her name is Anna Conathan. Together we gathered the smartest, most talented group of women we know and started a party on the dance floor. We are bringing this Luscious vision to life; lifting up mothers and supporting them as they create the life they want to live, by their own design, from a place of pure joy and love. Even in a pandemic. Because dance parties in a social isolation are salvation. (link to LM spotify playlist)

Mothers, we need each other. We know this, don’t we? That when we come together and support one another, magical things can happen. Lives, circumstances, hearts change.

If you have been seeking community, if you are needing more love and support, please come to our free Friday Luscious Mother Community Call. We have created a safe space for Mothers to be seen and heard and celebrated. Moms of ALL ages. We’ve had Moms of toddlers, Moms with grandchildren, Moms who are widows, Moms who run businesses and Moms whose business is family. This has been a weekly occurrence since quarantine began and, soon, it will transition to a monthly offering.

This week the entire team, all eight of us together, will be on the call listening – with our arms (virtually) open to hold you and remind you – that it’s all going to work out. And we’ll take some time to look at our pivot stories; those from the past and those we see in the future. We can’t wait to hear yours. Come and #shareyourpivot

Join us this Friday at 3:30PM EST and we’ll send you off into your weekend ready to stage your own one-woman kickline.

With all the love and lusciousness in our hearts,

Sarah + Anna

Luscious Mother

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