By: Luscious Mother

- Publish On: January 27, 2021

Hi Luscious, Sarah here.

How’s it going in your world? Because, to be honest, it’s a little up and down in these parts. And by a little, I mean a whole freakin’ lot.

Last Wednesday I nearly choked out one of my Luscious partners because we had a breakdown with Zoom. Our team meeting was set for 3PM and at 3:08 the Zoom room STILL wasn’t open. THREE! OH! EIGHT!

Most of the time, this would have been only a mild frustration, or even an opportunity to fire off a few quick e-mails. But for whatever reason, this tech miss got my blood boiling. If looks could kill, I’d be back to being a solopreneur. I threw the stinkiest of stink eyes. And I’m the stink eye sensai. Did I ever tell you about the time in high school when I got a week’s worth of detention for stink-eyeing the vice principal’s secretary? TRUE STORY!!

All this to say, I wear my feelings on my sleeve, and they can, at times, be a tad potent. The weird part was that this time I couldn’t put my finger on the flame that lit my torch. I really had to delve. And then after some soul searching I noticed that it wasn’t one big inciting incident. A few things were actually amiss.

  • I’ve been spending a lot of time with Matt and Mirabelle but it doesn’t feel like connected time. Too many screens, not enough real interaction.

  • I was already frustrated with a different breakdown on my team, but hadn’t yet had the opportunity to talk about it and clean it up, so this was just one more thing.

  • I launched three programs in January—the final one will start this week. They’re all things I’m excited about, but boy howdy, it’s a LOT.

  • I’m incredibly excited about everything we are creating with Luscious Mother, but with that excitement comes a healthy dose of fear. When you love something this much you get attached.

  • And of course, while I pride myself as someone who can make some serious lemonade out of the sourest of lemons, I sometimes forget that all of us are sitting on what feels like month one million billion of a pandemic. I miss my friends and my family. I miss date nights out. I miss taking a yoga class in person with other people.

And I know I’m not alone in this. My litmus test for the world is my clients, and when normally brilliant powerful people are puddles on calls it reminds me that no matter how amazing you are (and you are) you still have puddle moments, even puddle days. We all do.

So let’s remember generosity today, Mama. For ourselves most of all.

With love & lusciousness,

Sarah + Anna

Luscious Mother

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