Wanna Be Sane? Make Your Schedule Humane

By: Luscious Mother

- Publish On: June 11, 2021

Oh, mamas.

Anna here. Yesterday, in a rush, I slipped and almost full-on yard-saled in the shower.

My life, as they say, flashed before my eyes, and in that flash I saw myself from the future in an aerial POV, naked, with hairy armpits, sprawled out in the tub. Dead. BUT! Because, as a mother, I have developed the lightning quick reflexes of a ninja, I managed to catch myself mid-fall, in a pose I can only describe as the first position of a breakdance move called, “the coffee grinder.”

After the surge of adrenaline passed, I took a breath. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, Anna, why are you rushing?” I asked myself.

Because I had things to do. Important things. Important things for Other People.

As you may have noticed, the Luscious Mother newsletter normally goes out on Thursdays, and that was indeed my plan for yesterday, but the very important information I had not fully considered was that yesterday, Thursday, was Sam’s middle school graduation day and there was much to do. My highest commitment for the day was that he felt loved, acknowledged, and celebrated. But… the newsletter though!

“I’m just going to get the newsletter out before we leave for graduation,” I said in a state of delusion to the husband, whose tilted brow said it all: “Yeah, okay, ADHD, in thirty minutes? Good luck with that.” And so, after a wee spat, where Mike called upon the deity of Luscious Mother and used it against me (“Is this Luscious, Anna?”) I gave up on my absurd expectation and closed my laptop.

Who would understand a late newsletter more than a group of Luscious Mothers?

Ironically, yesterday, my new coach, the delightfully patient, wise, executive function management savant Molly Perini, sent me this article about the concept of Humane Scheduling. For the love of all that is holy and Luscious PLEASE READ IT!

What is Humane Scheduling? This is a term coined by author, academic, lecturer, activist, and creator of the Great Unlearn and the Loveland Foundation, Rachel Cargle. If you don’t know Ms. Cargle, it’s time you did! Humane Scheduling is a commitment she has made to her company employees; her first act of H.S. was to declare Fridays a meeting-free day, in service of giving her team time to catch up and create.

After reading the article Molly sent me, I have made some declarations of my own, because Humane Scheduling begins here at home, with me, and ripples out to my team at Luscious Mother. And since it’s super wicked freaking important to be accountable, I’m going to hang it out there for all to see, and I trust that you will help to keep me honest.

I Do Declare:

  • I will put my basic hygienic, biological needs first; before ALL OTHER activities, assignments, and tasks. I will not “just” do anything before I eat, pee, shower, get in bed on time, etc. “Just”-ing (“I’m just gonna run these errands before I find lunch…”) has driven me into careless mistakes, petty fights, and epic sugar crashes my whole life.

  • I will keep Thursdays holy as a meeting-free, client-free day for creativity, writing, spaciousness, and any appointments that relate to my own self-care and basic human upkeep.

  • I will not RUSH. Especially when wet and naked!

  • I will NOT work on Saturday. (Repeating to self: I will NOT work on Saturday!) Sunday, your time will come. But I’m starting with a goal I can keep for now.

  • I will not be pissy, demanding, or nudgy with my team, understanding that things are going on at their homes and offices that I cannot see or possibly comprehend. I will assume the best, adopt charitable assumptions, and operate from love, grace, and Lusciousness.

I think this is a great start. How about you? Wanna lay down some Humane Scheduling goals for yourself? Hit me with an email and tell me what you see for yourself, mama!

Lusciously and humanely yours,

Anna & Sarah

P.S.: The newsletter I started yesterday was COMPLETELY different. Another practice I’m taking on is knowing when something isn’t flowing and changing course. This one hurts a little more than the others, but I’m keeping at it!

Luscious Mother

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