We Hear Two Heartbeats!

By: Luscious Mother

- Publish On: May 20, 2021

No birth plan ever goes the way it’s supposed to…

Hello, Luscious.

Sarah here. While 1973 was a magical year for delivering babies who turned out to be humans I love, maternal medicine of that era left something to be desired.

When Anna’s mother was pregnant with her, she experienced (what we now know is) anatal depression. When she told her doctor how she was feeling, he told her to “stop watching soap operas.”

Meanwhile, in another part of the country, my mother-in-law, Sally Olin was also pregnant (unknowingly) with twins. Sometimes twins’ heartbeats will sync, and in an old school 1973 sonogram it was all too easy for one sneaky twin to hide behind the other. Needless to say, my in-laws were SURPRISED in June of 1973, when Sally was in labor & delivery:

“What’s this?! There are TWO!?!?”

Because Sally is Sally, and one of the most accepting, generous, most LUSCIOUS mothers out there, she rolled with it. And, you know…. What’s the alternative, right?

As Kristin Baker likes to say, “No birth plan ever goes the way it’s supposed to.”

Which leads me to today’s glorious announcement:


We are pleased and proud to introduce Luscious Mother’s fraternal twin sister, LUMO.

LUMO is where motherhood and work intersect. Through this distinct branch of our company we are meeting new, working moms at the threshold of their maternal experience, while they are pregnant or in the 4th trimester. LUMO provides women the tools to win, well before they find themselves in a puddle on the floor in the office kitchen or conference room.

Our primary tool is our inimitable Expecting Moms Online Program (coming soon to a web browser near you), a 10-month course that takes mom from the last trimester of her pregnancy, through maternity leave, and back to the office with support, structure, and ease. LUMO prioritizes engagement with employers to change the cultural experience of work and motherhood for their single greatest assets: their workforce.

LUMO’s jam is:

  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Training for Moms

  • Our Expecting Moms Online Program

  • And, most importantly: Showing companies and employers how to value and support working mothers

Meanwhile, the Luscious Mother you already know and love is LUMO’s slightly older (born a few minutes ahead) and slightly more mature twin sister. Luscious Mother is for you: a woman who wants a great experience as a mom. A mother who knows she got sold a bill of goods when society told her to hang it up, that her career is over, that her identity is stored in an overhead compartment indefinitely because, you know…



We give moms the support, confidence, and tools to get them back into the driver’s seat of their own lives. We help them establish boundaries, undermine overwhelm, extinguish burnout, and unplug everything that disempowers, sucks joy, and obscures visions of leadership and success.

Luscious Mother will keep on providing:

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

  • Small Group Coaching (hey, Camp Can-a-Mama-Get-a-Minute, we’re lookin’ at you)

  • Workshops (Boundaries was a rockin’ success and will be back!)

  • In-person retreats – (COMING SOON, AND WE CAN’T FRICKIN’ WAIT! – stay tuned for a LUSCIOUS calendar for 2022 including Luscious Mother LIVE)

Our hope for “the twins” is that they’ll grow up healthy and strong and together change the way society sees, holds, and experiences motherhood.

Meanwhile, all of you lucky Luscious followers and early adopters get to be godmothers! And our shower registry only has one item: spread the Luscious love. If you know any fellow moms who could use a dose of our special sauce, send them our way. And if you know of, own, or work for a company that is−or should be−thinking proactively about how to support their procreating personnel, let’s make a connection.

The time has come, mamas, to turn one of our preeminent modern American poetesses, social philosophers, badass entrepreneurs, and most Luscious of Mothers, Beyoncé, into a prophet:

“Who run the world? Girls.”

Maybe the dudes don’t know it yet, but we do. And the more we keep clearing away obstacles and breaking through those glass ceilings, the better the world will be for us, our daughters, and our sons.

We are so excited for the future and we’re so glad you’re along for this ride.

In the meantime, mama, stay LUSCIOUS!

We love you and are so grateful for you!

Sarah + Anna

Luscious Mother

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