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- Publish On: November 18, 2020

Hi Luscious!

It’s Sarah. I saw this quote from LiYana Silver in Barbara Stanny’s book Sacred Success earlier this week. It blew my hair back in the best of ways, and not only because of the way Stanny applies it to one of the thorniest topics we all have to deal with every damn day: MONEY! The quote is this:

“What if your hunger is holy?”

If I asked 100 people about their relationship to money, I’d hear 100 different answers. I’ve worked with clients who have millions upon millions and one actual billionaire. I’ve worked with clients who rub their nickels together to pay me. And they all have one thing in common: everyone goes nuts around money.

But what if our hunger—in this case, for a couple extra zeroes in our bank accounts—wasn’t dirty, but HOLY? It can be and it should be! Coaching can lead you to the answer, and, mamas, we’ve got you covered because come January we’re launching our next Luscious Group Coaching sessions. In case you hadn’t noticed, this 2020 shitonka show is winding down and we are getting all keyed up for some amazing new beginnings.

My girl Barbara Stanny knows a thing or two about new beginings herself. She’s the daughter of… let’s just call him “R.” As in the R who co-founded H&R Block. After college R bequeathed her a substantial SEXY investment portfolio. Not a bad launching pad. Except then she married a man who turned out to be a compulsive gambler and lost everything. When they eventually split, he left her holding the bag for more than a million dollars in back taxes and with three daughters to raise. She went back to dad’s well for more of that sweet sweet cheddar to which he simply replied, “No.”

Clearly R understood that the word “no” is a complete sentence.

Stanny took the hint and made it her life’s work to teach women about money. I read her books Overcoming Underearning and Secrets of Six Figure Women ten years ago when Matt and I were dating. I was bartending part-time and had a fledgling business in NYC called Relax Already.

(Fun Fact: when this newsletter started 8 years ago, it had the Relax Already banner!)

Back then my relationship to cash was in the crapper. I had major credit card debt and lived paycheck to paycheck. But I took on doing the work and have reinvented my pecuniary perspective. Today, credit cards are a thing of the past, and Matt and I save like it’s our job! I say this not to brag, but to demonstrate that if I can do it, so can you. And coaching paved my golden road.

So how about you, Luscious? what if your hunger were holy? What if your desires were not only ok but passionate waypoints on the path to your heart’s greatest desire?

Are you funny with money, Mama? We can help with that.

Want to get into the drivers seat with your do-re-mi? We got you.

Want to unleash your earning potential? Ring our Luscious bell.

Luscious Group Coaching is about to open for 2021, and we’ll have more to come on this next week, but seats are already being gobbled up by former clients and newcomers flush with word-of-mouth endorsements. All the Luscious Mothers are ready to take 2021 by the horns.

Are you with us? Email us with “I’m in” and we’ll hold a spot for you and answer any questions you might have. Especially the ones about MONEY!

Until next time, stay Luscious, mamas!

Anna & Sarah

Luscious Mother

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