Working Motherhood Should Be a Win-Win Proposition for Mothers and Their Employers, LUMO Shows Us How.

By: LUMO Leaders

- Publish On: June 22, 2021

Mothers are drastically under supported and the ripple out effect of the lack of support has consequences far beyond their families. The data, both quantitative and qualitative, made the problems of this lack of support abundantly clear during the pandemic. The solution to these problems, however, has not been so clear. The mothers behind LUMO have a plan to change that.

“Working motherhood can be more than exhaustion and self-sacrifice driven by perfectionism and workaholism,” explains Sarah Olin, the founder and CEO of LUMO, “The problem is that the system is not set up for women to win, no matter how hard they are willing to work to redesign their lives.”

To solve this problem and help women and employers see motherhood from a place of opportunity, LUMO has launched its inimitable 10-month Expecting Moms Online Program to help women develop the skills they need to thrive professionally and personally and help companies develop more engaged, loyal and productive workforces.

The life and leadership coaches behind LUMO believe that mothers are natural leaders and when mothers are truly connected to that part of themselves and in pursuit and creation of great lives, they show up as their best selves in everything they do.

“Connecting mothers to this place, though, requires a cultural shift in the way women, and society, view working motherhood,” explains Anna Conathan, LUMO’s Chief Creative Office, “It is unreasonable and unsustainable to expect that a woman can be everything to everyone and still remain standing and sane.”

Through videos, audio recordings, worksheets, and coaching support, the Expecting Moms Online Program, which can be licensed by companies or accessed by mothers individually, utilizes the tools and philosophies of leadership coaching to help women gain clarity, create a vision and build the support structures required to successfully balance work and motherhood. A radical new way for businesses to support their employees and for women to approach motherhood with thought and intention, the 10-month program is designed in three parts to cover the periods before, during, and after maternity leave. A win-win for women and employers, this program empowers women to grow and succeed in all aspects of their lives while enhancing productivity and personal satisfaction.

A profound opportunity for businesses to invest in their female workforce, LUMO also offers a half-day program to educate leaders on how to support their teams of expecting moms before, during, and after leaves of absence and gives them the opportunity to rethink their views on the working mothers in their ranks.

“Motherhood is a significant transition and a tremendous opportunity for personal growth,” explains Elena Arecco Bridgmon, LUMO’s Chief Administrative Officer, “Mothers are naturally creative and resourceful, and with the right support, they are generous, powerful leaders and advocates with the capacity to contribute to their families, employers, and communities. Through this program, we help women and employers see maternity as an opportunity rather than as a problem to solve.”

LUMO Leaders

LUMO is full of the most passionate people in the parental leave movement. We believe developing a company's most important asset – its people — is key to unlocking success. And you know what? We’ve learned this because we’ve lived it. With a combined 50-plus years of expert experience in employee retention, working parent development, and DEI training, our collective of LUMO Leaders have the tools, insight, and fervor for helping organizations cultivate inclusive culture.

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