Sheila Storrer, LICSW, PCC
Sheila is a certified executive coach and Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker.
Sheila combines her extensive training as a leader, social worker, therapist, and coach with her signature humor and warmth, laser-sharp insight, and straightforward truth-telling to motivate her clients to discover and act upon their dreams. She specializes in helping leaders identify their values to bring more of who they truly are to all areas of their lives. She supports her clients to get clear on what they want to create personally and professionally and get into action to make it happen. The result is greater impact at work, more connection at home, and an overall improved sense of well-being. As a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Sheila devoted the first two decades of her professional life to supporting adults and families in a variety of professional settings. Prior to this, she spent over 10 years as a nonprofit fundraiser, honing her expertise as a grant writer and special event coordinator, and developing outstanding leadership and communication skills. Sheila lives in Seattle with her husband and is embarking on the next phase of her parenthood journey as an empty nester.

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