I Fink I Love You

By: LUMO Leaders

- Publish On: December 5, 2018

Sarah Olin, PCC, affectionately known as “Luscious Mother,” is a world-renowned life coach who works primarily with women who crave fulfilling lives and amazing relationships with their children, their partners, their careers and, most importantly, themselves.

Credentialed by the International Coach Federation and certified by Accomplishment Coaching, Sarah is passionate about partnering with her clients to create results in all aspects of their lives, including managing priorities, balancing time and commitments, increasing productivity, and actualizing their dreams. Her down-to-earth approach is a true integration of personal development and professional growth – with a focus on the shifts necessary for long-lasting change to occur.

Working with mothers became a natural focus for Sarah because as she was preparing to become a coach she was also knee-deep in the epic challenge of being a new mother to her daughter, Mirabelle. Traveling to New York every month for her training and leaving her husband and daughter home in Charlotte caused her to marinate in some serious mom guilt – which is one of Sarah’s least favorite bits of space-wasting mom baggage. Because of the personal metamorphosis she experienced in her own training, she realized the guilt wasn’t serving her. How could she joyfully embrace her journey to where she wanted to be – as a professional, a wife, a mother – while beating herself down? Is that the mirroring she wanted to demonstrate for her daughter? If Sarah wanted Mirabelle to live a big, luscious, joyful life, she had to ditch the martyrdom, tap into her own innate lusciousness and demonstrate how it was done. And that’s how Luscious Mother was born: Motherhood on purpose, from a place of pleasure and humor. For the love of it.

Driven by her devout belief that magical things happen when conscious, like-minded women come together, Sarah coaches mom groups, as well as individuals and has seen so much chemistry and success in her clients that she has begun hosting Luscious Mother weekend retreats, designed to give moms their own “time out” to refresh, ground themselves and chart their luscious roadmap for reinvention. The retreats are game-changers for many of the attendees who tap into their desires and goals while finding an unexpected sisterhood of support, encouragement, and accountability in their new process of luscious transformation.

Sarah has an innate ability to connect with her clients in an authentic and direct way that allows for clear conversations, major dynamic shifts and highly-motivated, glorious transformations. Called “a five-alarm fire-starter” by one of her regular clients, Sarah aims to pour an ample dose of lighter fluid on the dwindling dreams and desires of moms who think their spark has gone out.

Before becoming a coach, Sarah was a Communications and Womens’ Studies major at the University of Rhode Island, the most entertaining and emotionally supportive bartender on the eastern seaboard, a successful commercial actress, a certified Kundalini yoga instructor trained in India, and a spirited entrepreneur as owner of Relax Already, a New York based company dedicated to helping people work better and feel better in the corporate environment through the tools of yoga and meditation. It is the ecclecticness of Sarah’s background, and her training as a coach, that has made her an honor student of human behavior.

Sarah’s dynamic personality and fierce tenacity has attracted a long and varied list of clients, including employees and executives at organizations such as White & Case LLP, Plated, Duke Energy, Calvin Klein, Bloomberg, MySpace, Xaxis, CDM, Red Ventures, NY & Company, Studley, SuperGoop and many more. Regularly tapped for speaking engagements Sarah has spoken at SHiFT Charlotte, Charlotte Parent Magazine’s Mom Matters Event Series, and Skillpop, where her leadership/coaching skills classes regularly sell out. Recently Sarah and her husband Matt, of Matt Olin Creative, were recruited by the Charlotte Symphony to run their annual team-building retreat.

When Sarah isn’t coaching, she is training new coaches as a program leader for Accomplishment Coaching in New York, Chicago and Washington, DC. One of Sarah’s greatest coaching honors has been serving as a mentor coach at the United Nations, which has allowed her impact to extend to many countries and initiatives around the world.

Sarah enjoys helping her clients slay tired old narratives of negativity, embrace who they really are – right down to the nasty bits they like to pretend don’t exist, but are really a hidden gift – and watching them launch themselves into the Luscious Life they have been waiting to claim. She is also rather fond of Utz sour cream and onion potato chips, binge-watching episodes of “Empire” and cuddling with her handsome, clever husband and her unapologetically sparkly daughter.

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