I Do Declare…

By: LUMO Leaders

- Publish On: April 7, 2022

Hello mothers and all others,

Please excuse this interruption of your weekly broadcast. 

I have a declaration to make, and I most humbly request your support. 

We have a tool we use as coaches, one that is a bit sneaky and seen by others as more of an idea than a legitimate tool. That tool is The Declaration. Because you are cool enough to be on this list *wink wink* I’m going to let you in on how to use this incredible tool so you can take over the world. Unless world domination is not a goal for you, in which case it can be used for ANY goal you have. Especially BIG ONES. 

Declarations are a tool of accountability. When I stand in the middle of a crowded room (or, in this case, a newsletter) and declare to everyone, out loud, that I’m going to do a thing…. I do the thing. I said it, people heard me, and I know they’ll be asking me about it in the future. so, it’s gonna happen.

This is where our preoccupation with others’ opinions of us can actually motivate us forward to the thing we want. It can be scary to say what you want out loud for others to hear, but the benefit of making a bold, out-loud declaration is that you’re gonna get an ample serving of accountability and a handful of friendly check-ins in return. 

“So? How is it going?”

“Still have those plans?” 

“You said you were going to do it. I heard you.”

Behold the motivational power of the declaration! 

It works! So you really want to be sure you are ready for the inquiries and support when you make your public declaration, because once you do it you’re going to have some relentless support. (RELENTLESS. Especially if you tell a child.) 

Important note: Declarations are best when they are a little scary; when you have a bit of a turn in your belly when you say it out loud to people. 

With that in mind, I’m going to make my declaration RIGHT NOW. Ooooo, it’s so scary to write this, where I know it will live out there in the interwebs with people like you ready to hold me accountable. Okay. Here goes….

To learn what the declaration is, pop over to our blog to read the EXCITING CONCLUSION!

I declare that I will run in the NYC Marathon on Sunday, November 6, 2022. 

Phew. Wow. So… that’s out there now. 

Am I scared? HECK YEAH. But, if you’re reading this and you’ve run multiple marathons, or pushed yourself to completion on a hairy, audacious goal, think back to when you started. Your first marathon. The first page of your novel. Asking for a raise AND a promotion! It felt scary, right?!? But you also know that on the other side of scary is SUCCESS! You’ve experienced it. And you can trust that it can be that way again. 

So let’s hope on the other side of this scary declaration I will still have two functional legs. 

You’ll notice that I stated when I’ll be running the marathon in my declaration. Including your “by when” goal with your declaration helps to make it even more inevitable. Kind of like when people get engaged and everyone wants to immediately know when the wedding is.

Lock in that date and tell your friends and family!

Take a moment, a pause, and look up from the computer screen. Think about the declarations you’ve made in your life. Now think of the ones that are waiting in the wings, yet to be made:

I’m going to prioritize my health

I’m going to get the H outta this boring relationship

I’m going to get a promotion

I’m going to quit my job and open a wine shop 

You know who you are, and I love you for it! Those are declarations. Now you just need to add your “by when” and, also, consider this last important question: 

Where are you making that declaration from?

See if you’re coming to it from presence and clarity, true desire, love, faith, and your highest commitments, because those are the gardens where declarations are best planted. When we declare from fear, comparison or obligation, the soil is polluted and doesn’t yield much.

So, why am I running? I want to do something I didn’t think I could do. I want the experience of showing up to do something everyday that I won’t see the yield of until many tomorrows from now. With every run I’m showing up for myself in a new way. With every run I find a new reason why I love it. I’m pushing myself to show up for the uncomfortable in service of a bigger goal that will fill me with pride, power, and joy.  

I can’t wait to congratulate myself on Sunday, November 6, and then declare–loud and proud!–that I DID IT!

A bold, public declaration is an unbeatable launch pad for a strong kick off. And that’s why I think it’s the greatest tool in the box. Which is why I’d like to extend my email inbox as a place for you to share your declarations. Perhaps there’s something you’re not quite ready to scream from the rooftops,  but you’re ready to declare it out loud? Send me a message. 

I got you. 

With love,

Hillary & the LUMO team

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