Sisterhood of the Traveling Camps

By: Luscious Mother

- Publish On: May 27, 2021

Come roast your troubles over our campfire.

Hello, Luscious!

Anna here, I’m super fired up about registration for season two of Camp-Can-A-Mama-Get-A-Minute opening up on June 1. I have always been a rabid summer enthusiast, and not just because it meant we had survived another long, frigid, White Mountain winter in northern New England. It’s mostly because I spent some of the best summers of my life at Camp Nellie Huckins, an all-girls YMCA camp in the woods of Freedom, NH.

At Camp, I learned about: myself, life, possibility, friendship, humor, responsibility, why being on top is better (I’m talking about bunks, perv!), and how unbelievably loud a united group of females can be. The sisterhood I felt there was unparalleled anywhere else in my life. That is, until I partnered with Sarah and we assembled the Luscious Mother founders.

What Luscious Mother and Camp Nellie Huckins really have in common, for me, is the fierce commitment to FULL self-expression, from love. Today, we call it being “Luscious,” but back on the shores of Lake Ossipee we called this being “Nellie.” (i.e. “Jen took my laundry home on changeover day and washed it all for me. Wicked Nellie!”)

This is why I gravitated towards Sarah’s Luscious vision and, likewise, why I wanted to bring the spirit of camp, the secret Nellie sauce, to Luscious Mother via Camp Can-A-Mama-Get-A-Minute.

Looking back at my early years as a mom, many of my summers lacked this same joie de vivre. I was really spun up trying to create magic for Sam, and I lost myself. Forgot to show him my fun side. I was scheduling, organizing, packing/unpacking/repacking… an endless loop mothers can get trapped in: creating magical moments for others, but not for themselves. We toil away cultivating joy but, in the process we run dry and don’t have an ounce of juice left to enjoy the magic we’ve wrought.

This is neither Luscious nor Nellie.

When I brought my Nellie to motherhood, it was a significant game changer. My husband and son were down to party with that lady, and I’d wager your people would like to meet your own vivacious, too-long neglected happy camper.

On June 1st registration for Camp Can-A-Mama-Get-A-Minute will officially open. For our second year, we have more coaches, more sessions, and plenty of bunks for all interested campers. (We sold out last year!) It’s gonna be wicked Nellie, ladies.

To help you recapture s’more of that warm evening sunset lazy breezy macramé goodness, and get a flavor for what Camp CMGM has to offer, we’re hosting a FREE weekly virtual campfire chat series every Wednesday night, from 7-8pm EDT, right on through that sultry summer solstice. To check out the super rad themes, “Look Below, Luscious!”

You deserve to have fun this summer, mama. After all, you’re the one who spins the summer straw into golden hours for your family.

From our Luscious hearts to yours,

Anna & Sarah

Picture is Me, age 10, in front of Cabin S, feeling my new Olivia Newton John “Let’s Get Physical” haircut. My mother made me cut my long hair before camp because she didn’t believe I would brush it. (Well played, Katherine Lynn, well played.)

Luscious Mother

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