By: Luscious Mother

- Publish On: May 6, 2020

Dearest tapped-out, touched-out Mamas,

4 days to Mothers’ Day! And before you “tsk” or “pfft” me and dismiss Mothers’ Day as a manufactured Hallmark holiday with all the substance of air-spun cotton candy, I’ll have you know that we take Mothers’ Day pretty seriously in these here parts.

Mother’s Day is the bomb-dot-com.

It’s the one day of the year (apart from our birthdays, unless you live with uncivilized folk) when someone who loves us says, “Hey, today is all about you. What would you like to do? Your pick.” And, coincidentally, it’s the one day many (manymanymany) of us moms are reminded how absolutely abysmal we are at asking for what we want. Our families inquire what our deepest Mother’s Day desires might be and we mumble something on the order of:

“Oh, I don’t know…”

(Don’t you?)

“Umm, I’m sure you’ll think of something nice.”

(Yeah, but… maybe not.)

“It’s really not an important holiday to me”

(WHAT?! The Day of the Mother?! Not important? GACK!)

This is how you end up with another bathrobe, an appliance with which you will be expected to make foodstuffs for others, or a large, cheerful flowering plant that will transform into a carcass of guilt and green thumb inadequacy by the time Fathers’ Day rolls around.

This week the 8 Luscious Mothers pondered an important question:

“If you could give the mothers of the world ANYTHING for Mother’s Day, what would it be?”

There were magical answers: Pre-baby boobs. A hug from her best friend. An alien abduction, but with nice aliens in a fully appointed spaceship, and they bring her back when she’s ready to come home.

There were decadent answers: One full week of pre-made dinners, delivered. A night at The Ritz with full spa treatment. Champagne brunch with her girls. A gold-plated “Let Herself Off the Hook” card.

There were prescriptive answers: A DAY OFF – for real, like, off off OFF, don’t even think of emptying the dishwasher. To unapologetically experience whatever the eff she wants–not “needs”–WANTS! For her to hydrate.

There were transformative answers: Love, trust and faith in herself. To be so in love with her own body she turns herself on! The gift of knowing she’s enough. To be truly seen. Knowing she has the strength to be with it all; the worry, the love, pain, uncertainty…

Eventually we came down to the singular, spectacular thing we want ALL mothers to have. The thing that has changed each of our lives and brought us together as a Luscious Team:

The Dyson Airwrap blow dryer!

(No, wait, only Holly’s life has been changed by that.)

The gift we’d like to give each of you, and ALL mothers is…

Awareness of your own incredible power

The transcendent blessing of learning how to get creative and meet your own needs. The ability to leave behind the philosophies of the tight boxes in which we grew up, and the space to imagine and design a new future for yourself. One that includes all the things and people you love, and the added ability to streamline the hard things into efficient transactions that hold no emotional baggage.

Motherhood brings out the best of who we are. (Sometimes it’s a Best/Worst combo.) It draws out strengths we didn’t know we had, brings us to our knees with discomfort, raises us above our own expectations and then, sometimes only minutes later, knocks us back to earth and reminds us that we are perpetually imperfect. We are heroes, villains, martyrs, and saints. But mostly we are just… Mom.

What matters is that you loved, you tried and failed and tried again. You lost your temper and gave great hugs and forgot to bring lunch, but made birthday cakes, even though they were sometimes burned. You showed up, dressed up, made up, lifted up and kept going. You did ALL THE THINGS! Not even the most powerful of superheroes can keep in step or go toe to toe with the unrelenting tenacity of a Mother.

And that, my friends, is why we don’t skip Mothers’ Day or pretend it’s an inconsequential remembrance.

Our wish for you this Mothers’ Day is that you see yourself as the heroic, bad-ass, creator goddess you are. The overflowing cup of life and central axis around which your domestic universe spins. And we believe, once you see yourself the way we see you – the way your family sees you – you’re going to start asking for what you need because Creator Goddesses get hungry. And this world isn’t going to spin itself, mamas.

Get supported. Get replenished. Get back to power.

The world needs you now more than ever.

Drop us a line and tell us how you’re going to celebrate yourself this Mothers’ Day.

We love you so Lusciously,

Anna & Sarah

Luscious Mother

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